IN5800 – Declarative Data Engineering

This is a wiki for the course IN5800 – Declarative Data Engineering at Department for Informatics at the University of Oslo.

This wiki gives an introduction to the technologies and techniques taught in the course, as well as usefull pointers to guides, tutorials and other relevant web pages.


Semester plan 2023

  1. Intro
  2. Data structure
  3. Query languages
  4. Views, Triggers, Rules and Lore
  5. Semantics and Reasoning
  6. OTTR Templates
  7. Mappings
  8. Constraints
  9. Data Transformation
  10. Saturation
  11. Integration
  12. Ontology Engineering
  13. Data Cleaning and Validation
  14. Pipelines

Mandatory Exercise

The mandatory exercise can be found here.

Project Work

Information about the project work and presentation can be found here.


The technologies used in this course can be organized into the following categories:

See also the Complete list of technologies.


Below is a list of techniques or methods for declarative data engineering used and taught in the course. In the course, we realize these techniques using the technologies described above.

Other Relevant Articles and Resources


Lists and Collections

Articles and Podcasts

Data Collections